Left: October 1st | Right: November 1st

It has been exactly one month since I began taking my Hair, Skin & Nails vitamins from Nature’s Bounty.

The recommendation on the bottle says to take 3 pills with food each day. I know it’s a lot to even take 1 pill a day but I was committed to taking them because I read great reviews about these vitamins and they are too cute being a pretty pink and all!

In the first week of taking them I noticed my hair felt stronger and thicker. I also noticed a bit less fall out during my shower.

The one major con I noticed was in that first week I experienced some acne. I’m not one to get breakouts. I would maybe get a pimple every couple of months. During that initial week I got 3 pimples!!

Since then I haven’t got any breakouts, thank goodness!

As far as any significant length, I didn’t notice much growth. It looks a tiny bit longer but nothing too noticeable. The length was pretty much the same as last month. My hair still ends right at the middle of my chest facing forward and from the back it still lays right at the center of my back, right at my bra line.

For my nails there was some improvement with the strength and length. My nails have grown twice as fast and do not break as easily as before.

I didn’t however notice any difference in the appearance of my skin. It is the same as before taking the vitamins.

I will do a 2 month update in December I’m hoping for better growth results.