Going into my 3rd laser session I was feeling confident that my treatment was really working.

My results from just two sessions have been amazing, I didn’t think that after two sessions I would have the results that I do.

Overall there is noticeable hair reduction, but underneath my chin is where you can see where my hair is almost completely gone!

Left: Before Laser | Right: After 3rd Session

The nurse at my 2nd session mentioned that for this session they were going to do my treatment at a higher level and at a different setting than sessions 1 & 2 to get the best possible results.

During this 3rd session I felt the laser to be a bit more intense and I did feel a stronger stinging sensation than my previous treatment. The pain was still bearable and the redness afterward did go away.

A couple of days after this session is when I noticed my skin on my beard/mustache area to be very drying. 

The flakiness from my skin being dry can be seen in my results pictures.

Top: After 1st Session | Bottom: After 3rd Session

On my chin especially down the center is where a lot of the hair hasn’t grown back. Along with the sides of my beard there are some spots where there is hair reduction and bald patches.

Top: After 1st Session | Bottom: After 3rd Session

My 4th sessions is scheduled for November 5th I will be posting my results for that session as well.