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I just love fall it is one of my favorite seasons but it is still very warm where I live so I haven’t been able to wear my cute fall boots just yet! So I paired my outfit with these lace-up block sandals.

Most of my outfit was purchased at my absolute favorite store TARGET! My bag, plaid shirt & jeans can be found there.

The tan heels I purchased at Macy’s and these are one of the most comfortable heels I own!

Links below!

Plaid Shirt:

Mid-rise Jeggings:

Lace-up Sandals:|AS%26slotId%3D7%26kws%3Dindigo%20rd


The earrings I’m wearing along with the cute charm necklace are from Forever 21.

Similar necklace:

My eyelashes are by Angel Lash #73:

I am wearing a liquid lipstick in London Fog from Colour Pop:

It feels weird to see my body in different angles, I have never taken photos like this before.

Although this isn’t what I thought I looked like from behind I do love the body I have and every curve is where it is meant to be.

I’m learning to appreciate who I am and what I look like. The beauty of everything is that no one is the same and we are all very different!

Dressing for me and what I like to wear regardless of what others think is the most amazing feeling! No one can take my style away and it’s crazy what one photo of yourself in a different angle can do for your confidence!

I don’t know what happened to my hair and its curls here but we will blame the wind lol!

Liquid Lipstick by Colourpop: London Fog

Hoping to do more fashions post every Monday….♡