*Before reading about my laser hair removal I’d like to say that this is the most terrifying and embarrassing thing that I could share about myself on the internet. I know it looks completely gross and disgusting, but I want to share my experience with PCOS and having to deal with such a real issue.*

First Laser Session- August 13, 2016

It was my sister who referred me to her office where she’s had a couple of laser sessions done and has had great results.

My treatment started at a 60 laser level intensity it wasn’t too painful, it did however sting a bit in the areas I had the thickest and most facial hair which was right on my chin.

The session only took about 10 minutes and left just a slight bit of redness afterwards that lasted about 10 minutes.

The next day I noticed my hairs felt thicker, more course and felt like sandpaper to the touch. I knew this was normal as my sister had experienced these same results with her first laser session.

About 3 days after my initial laser session I noticed some of the hair had fallen off and the remaining hair felt thinner which gave me hope this might just work for me!

More photos after my first session…

   Both After Shaving

The picture above is a few days after my first session and after shaving my face.

At first it seemed like my ingrown hairs were more visible than before and to be honest they were! I had to use extra makeup coverage those first 2 weeks.

After those 2 weeks I noticed a huge difference especially under my chin! I had a way less hair and the hair that grew back was a lot thinner.

On my upper lip and chin area the hairs seemed to be thinned out as well but with the same amount of hairs as before.

Left: Before 1st  Laser Treatment | Middle: After 1st Laser Treatment & Before Shaving | Right: After 1st Laser Treatment & After Shaving

My neck was the one that now has had the best results so far, even though at first it seemed like the laser treatment had made it worse!

After about a week my results started to come through and my neck felt smoother and with less visible stubble. I could definitely see a major difference now!!

Left: Before 1st Laser Treatment & Before Shaving | Right: After A Week of 1st Laser Session & After Shaving

Second Laser Session- September 1st, 2016

I went for my second laser session and again my appointment was only about 10 minutes long.

This time the RN did this session at a 65 laser level intensity, 5 levels higher than my initial session.

I was still confortable and didn’t feel much pain except for the bigger zaps on my chin.

Right after, my results were similar to my first session. The next 3 days my hair felt thicker and more course than before the laser session.

Again, after about a week is when I noticed the results of the second session. This time there were major changed under my chin/neck area.

The sides of my beard near my chin also had major hair reduction. I still felt a few hairs to the touch but those were very thin and the amount was less than before.

My next appointment is scheduled for October 8th. I will be posting my results for my 3rd session a week after my visit.

Left: After 1st Session | Right: After 2nd Session