Finally I decided to give laser hair removal another shot.

In the past I’ve had two laser sessions done on my beard area, but of course those two sessions weren’t going to be enough.

The large amount of facial hair I have I need about 9 to 12 laser sessions done consistently!! For one reason or another I never got the chance to have the rest of the sessions done and I was under the misconception that laser hair removal was not for me, or it wouldn’t be as effective on me because of my PCOS.

Earlier this year my sister purchased a Groupon package for laser hair removal and so far her results were very effective. That is when I decided to give laser hair removal a second try.

My consultation appointment was on July 29th, 2016 and I was BEYOND excited! It was the start to eventually getting rid of my prickly chin, neck & upper lip.

The RN had mentioned that I was a perfect candidate for laser hair removal because of my fair complexion and extremely dark facial hair! My face is always lighter than the rest of my body because my makeup has been my shield from the sun.

Although I’m a great candidate for laser hair removal, she also mentioned that because my facial hair growth is due to a hormone imbalance I will always have to go in for laser touch ups.

During my consultation appointment the nurse did a test spot under my chin and she determined they would start my hair removal at a 60 laser level intensity.⇓

Laser Test Spot


I purchased a total of 9 sessions and the cost was $400.

My appointments are about once a month and 3 to 4 weeks apart.

My entire laser process will be documented along with before and after photos of each session. I’m hoping for great results!

Stay tuned!