Wow!… I would just like to say that taking pictures in natural lighting can REALLY emphasise the ugliness in my skin. I have the biggest pores on earth, I have Rosacea and my skin is beyond oily. I know I’m not the only one with skin issues so I’d like to share my story on how my beard grew with having PCOS.

When I was 12 years old I weighed about 180lbs. At the time I had a very poor diet, I often skipped breakfast and the only meal I ate was during dinner time and it was usually a very large quantity of food. Along with a poor diet I was very inactive, I hated being outdoors!
I remember being in the 6th grade and having all of my friends experiencing their first period and all I wanted was to experience it for myself too!

My period never came so my mom decided to take me to the doctor to see why my period was delayed. At the doctor they took a pregnancy test just to make sure it wasn’t the reason why I didn’t get a period, but of course it came back negative.

The doctor suggested that I take birth control pills to see if the pills would help regulate my cycle but my mom was against the whole idea. So, we waited to see if I would ever have a “normal” cycle.

Eventually, I ended up getting my first period at the age of 14 when I had lost some weight and when P.E. was mandatory in school.

The weight I had lost and being a bit more active was what helped me in regulating my menstrual cycle. Although I did end up having a period they weren’t on a monthly basis. I would have a period every 3 to 4 months.

Then as a Senior in high school I remember having some facial hair, but it wasn’t really an issue because it  was very minimal.

I recall one of my classmates pointing out my “goatee” and saying I had more facial hair than him! I didn’t pay much attention to his comment because I only noticed 2 thick, longer hairs on my chin and thought I’m “ok”, this isn’t bad I could just pluck them out!

That same year while still in school I became pregnant with my first child and it changed my body and hormones completely!

My morning sickness was no joke!

At the beginning I could barely keep any food down and as soon as it subsided I binged on nothing but ice cream and all things sweet!

All of those sweets lead me to gain almost 70 lbs!

After having my son at the age of 18 I noticed A LOT of changes!

The one that was the most obvious was my mustache and beard that had grown because of my change in hormones!

I could no longer go bare-faced. I had to heavily conceal my beard and mustache at all times they were both really noticeable.

Since then, now 29 years old I’ve only had a handful of periods and my weight has fluctuated from lowest weight being 175 lbs to my highest weight being 220 lbs.

Now my current weight is 195lbs. My periods completely had stopped and my facial hair is worse than ever!

Thank goodness for laser hair removal!

I just had my 3rd laser session and so far the results have been great! I wrote a full post on my laser experience and will be documenting the whole process.