Before the day I started to shave my face I had just about tried everything from bleaching, waxing & even plucking every single hair on my chin & mustache(big ouch)!

The easiest and least time-consuming hair removal method has been shaving. It is painless and I’m left with good temporary results.

I have been shaving my face for about 11 years now. I shave every morning and on some occasions I’ve had to shave again hours later.

Still, to this day I cannot shave in front of my husband. I am a woman who is very feminine and someone who loves all things girly and to have my husband be witness to my beard shaving is complete no, no!

Even after shaving I’d still have to cake on my makeup because I hate that my 5 o’clock shadow peaks through if I wear a light coverage foundation. Full coverage foundation has always been my favorite!

Although my makeup gives great coverage it still doesn’t take care of any texture that shaving has caused. I do exfoliate my face in the shower and right after shaving I put on some of Nivea men’s after shave and it does help with minimizing any razor bumps.
Hopefully my days of shaving will soon be over thanks to laser hair removal. I am wishing for the best possible results!